System on Module

System on Module

Modern products require a level of software and hardware sophistication that challenges developers. Typically, expensive tools and engineers are needed for development. However, by using our System on Module (SoM) you simplify the process with less risk and overhead.


Our includes all the complex circuitry in a compact package, simplifying the end product design to a simple 2-layer circuit board. Not only reducing engineering time and cost but also minimizing the risks involved.


Modern processors come with manuals that span thousands of pages. Companies spend most of their budget trying to understand these manuals and developing the same code over and over. On the other hand, Desktop Developers don't need to learn much going from a Dell desktop to an HP desktop. Desktops share the same operating system allowing them to be programed similarly.

We resolved these difficulties by using .NET Micro Framework and premium libraries. This allows all developers to write code without the need for large confusing manuals. Using .NET developers (who write C# and VB) eliminates the need for costly specialists. Even if you decided to switch offers, there's no need to change code or learn something new.

Visual Studio and a USB Cable

Embedded engineering tools are extremely expensive. Spending thousands of dollars on things like a compiler, JTAGs, debuggers and simulators is not uncommon.

Using our SoM, code is developed in Microsoft's Visual Studio. Visual Studio is one of the most used development environments by Desktop Developers. There is even a free Express version. Once setup, simply plug in a USB cable and deploy the application onto the device. While the device is running, developers can step in code and inspect variables. No more expensive tools, just Visual Studio and a USB cable.

In-Field Update

Your product will be capable of updating itself. The included In-Field Update feature gives developers the tools needed to implement any combination of security and automation to the update process. A new application can be downloaded automatically from a SSL server or even from an encrypted (or non-encrypted) file on a USB drive. These are just two examples of the many possibilities.

Compatible Options

Using .NET Micro Framework adds a level of abstraction to the end application. Changing the underlying hardware is no longer a concern as a majority of the code developed will simply run on any of our SoM offers.

Getting Started

We utilize our SoM on some .NET Gadgeteer products. These are an excellent starting point to evaluate any of our SoMs.