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File System Hardware

File System

Adding FAT File System to a product requires a lot of resources (memory and processing) from the system and intensive development efforts. The system also needs USB Host drivers and SD memory drivers. In addition, licensing patented technologies such as Long Filename (LFN) is a lengthy and expensive process.

With our File System OEM Modules and chipsets, any system can now access files on SD and USB storage devices in a short time with minimal resources. A set of simple commands over UART (serial), SPI or I2C are used to do file system functions. These products are capable of accessing two USB storage devices and one memory card simultaneously. This gives you features such as copying data from one storage device to another.

Ten years ago we invented the first File System chipset. We're still proud to have one of the most advanced chipsets on the market, from access speeds reaching 4,000,000 Bytes per second to a complete command set.

An advantange to our File System solutions is LFN support. Solutions that depend on ALFAT can use LFN commercially without the need for any additional licensing.