Our manufacturing has a long track record of providing superior quality. Our state of the art machinery and highly skilled staff have built millions of circuit boards for thousands of satisfied customers. Whether you're looking for a quick prototype, or need to produce thousands of boards, we have options for you.

Prototype Production

Our state-of-the-art solder paste jet printer eliminates the need for stencils. We are capable of completing the assembly in the same day. We also stock hundreds of generic components. This means most of the parts going on the prototype come directly from stock. Only a few specialized components may need to be obtained.


Mass Production

Volume Production

We have the ability to produce units at high-volume. This is achieved with machines that use multiple pick-up heads to place thousands of components efficiently. We also use a state-of-the-art vision systems and experienced staff to ensure superior quality.

Beyond the PCB

Testing, packaging, distribution, wiring, through-hole placement, extreme temperature qualification and many other services are offered as well. Our equipment includes a high-wattage laser cutter, a CNC machine router, hot & cold temperature chamber and more.

Beyond the PCB

Let us help you bring your idea to life.

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