We've been engineering software and hardware to create a wide range of products since 2003. Many of these products were designed to be off-the-shelf offerings including custom designs that fit with our customer's needs.

Software Engineering

Our experienced developers are the force behind our software engineering power. We are committed to helping bring ideas to life that encompass embedded and Internet of Things applications.

Software Engineering


  1. Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  2. Embedded C/C++
  3. Embedded C# and VB through .NET Micro Framework
  4. Secure Bootloader
  5. File system, USB Host, USB Client, networking stacks
  1. Dynamic module loading
  2. ARM7, ARM9, ARM Cortex
  3. Device driver implementation
  4. Embedded graphics and image processing

Hardware Engineering

With hundreds of standard off-the-shelf designs and numerous custom designs, we continue to fulfill our motto, Where Software meets Hardware. Many of our designs have even been tested to exceed the CE and the FCC requirements.

Hardware Engineering


  1. Digital circuit designs
  2. Memory SDRAM and DDR layout
  3. Multilayer high-speed PCB designs
  4. EAGLE and Altium tools
  1. Schematic capture
  2. PCB layout
  3. Power management
  4. Wireless integration

One-Stop Shop for bringing your idea to life.

We're not just an engineering center. We are a partner. We will help you at every stage along the way to ensure your idea becomes a product.

If you have a concept but you're not sure what route to take, we can assemble a team to study the idea and provide feedback. We'll start by learning about your concept, capabilities and end customers so we can tell you everything you need to know before starting your design.

Once we have your requirements, our hardware engineers will design the board and comprise a list of all components needed to build your product. This will provide additional insight into its cost and possible profit. You will also have a better overview of the product as a whole.

The last stage of development is Prototype Production. This is where a couple samples are built to validate that everything is working. This will help keep issues from reaching your customers and create a solid foundation for your product's launch.

Volume Production begins when everything is tested and ready. Many companies might stop here, but our commitment and expertise goes beyond production. We also provide extensive testing and certification guidance. Our goal is to minimize your time-to-market while exceeding expectations.

Let us help you bring your idea to life.

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