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September 9, 2010

New Porting NETMF Book with open source firmware

For those of you who want full control over the software you are using, we are releasing an open source firmware for FEZ. We are calling it "FEZopen." Not only that, we are including a free ebook on porting NETMF. The book uses the $19.95 FEZ Panda to demonstrate porting NETMF but you can use any FEZ. Make sure to order your FEZ Panda soon.

The open source driver, FEZopen, includes UART, SPI, I2C, timers, threading and many more drivers making it complete for your deep customization and exciting projects.

Want to make your own hardware? We have EAGLE design files available online for every FEZ, feel free to make your own and load the FEZopen firmware on it.
The original propitiatory firmware still ships free on all FEZ products. It is up to the user whether he wants to keep the USBizi firmware or switch to FEZopen. Using the priority firmware allows us to have better version control and support for our commercial customers.

The new book and FEZopen firmware are still in development but they get you far enough in porting. Since this is all open source, we look forward to your contributions as well. Please visit the TinyCLR download page
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August 26, 2010

We now have lower cost shipping options

We are glad to say that we have added US. Postal Service (USPS) shipping option to our shopping cart. This is slower method for shipping but costs much less than FedEx. We still recommend FedEx for better delivery time and tracking numbers on all shipments but if all you are looking for is low cost shipping then we have more options for you.

Not only that, we have tweaked out the FedEx shipping do it should cost you few dollars less to ship using FedEx too.

Note that this is a brand new feature on our website so please let us know if you experience any problems with shipping options on shopping cart.

Also, USPS doesn't ship to all countries.

This is the USPS website
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August 15, 2010

Support for NETMF 4.1 and VS2010

GHI no longer support any version older than VS2010 and NETMF 4.1

Please upgrade before you ask for support. All upgrades are free so why not? Smiley


Start new project and test it out first. Once it is working then you can try to use the old project. If you had problems, do NOT ask for support yet. First, make a new project using NETMF 4.1 then add your old files instead of using the old project.

We want to support you as much as possible, promptly and for free but at the same time we ask you to help us in making the support easier, for your and everyone's benefit.

I purposely locked this topic. Please make new topic with any problems you have.

Not sure how tr upgrade?
1. Uninstall all GHI NETMF SDKs, Microsoft NETMF SDK, Visual studio 2008
2. Visit the downloads page and follow the installation steps
3. The FEZ tutorial should be a great help if you are lost.
4. That is it Wink

Thanks Smiley
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