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June 15, 2011

An all new FEZ Music Shield is now available

Need to play Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC or MIDI files with ease? GHI's FEZ Music shield is the answer. As always, the driver source is tested and ready for you to use:

The unique shape of this shield allows it to fit well with shields that have ethernet connectors, like FEZ Connect shield. More information is available on the catalog page:
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June 14, 2011

Android with GHI's .NET Micro Framework solutions

Android Open Accessory:
The Android 3.1 platform (also backported to Android 2.3.4) introduces Android Open Accessory support, which allows external USB hardware (an Android USB accessory) to interact with an Android-powered device in a special "accessory" mode. When an Android-powered powered device is in accessory mode, the connected accessory acts as the USB host (powers the bus and enumerates devices) and the Android-powered device acts as the USB device.

GHI Electronics' Solution
One of the various exclusive value-added features that GHI offers with .NET Micro Framework solutions is USB Host capability which is needed to access Android devices.

Here is a sample App that our friend Blake made with our FEZ Domino board: is the .NET Micro Framework code. is the Android code.

Android Debug Bridge
Your android OS is older! no problem. RobotFreak provided an example on how to use Android Debugging Bridge to communicate with FEZ Domino:

Here is the complete thread discussing these capabilities with android and FEZ
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June 1, 2011

An interview on NETMF devices

Charles Stacy Harris III describes the Microsoft .Net Micro Framework and demonstrates some of the cool things you can do with it.
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May 31, 2011

FEZ in Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire

Find us next weekend in Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire. We will have a lot of fun electronics for the whole family. Arcade games, cool demos and Robots, all made with FEZ boards. Cool

The Faire is open to the public from 10 AM to 5 PM Saturday June 4, 2011.
Washtenaw Farm Council Fairgrounds
(a.k.a. Saline Fairgrounds)
5055 Ann Arbor Saline Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
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May 7, 2011

.NET Micro Framework presentation by Rob Miles

What is .NET Micro Framework? This presentation by Rob Miles covers all details.

"Taking Control of your World with the .NET Micro Framework"
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April 18, 2011

Internet of Things and Ultimate kit, a perfect starting point

For software developers eager to learn hardware, and those interested in the exciting world of FEZ and NETMF, we would like to introduce the FEZ Internet of Things Kit. This kit includes plenty of sensors to jump start your next project. Thanks to the FEZ Connect shield, no soldering is necessary, everything is plug-and-play with open source drivers. The kit works with any Arduino form-factor board, FEZ Domino, FEZ Panda, FEZ Panda II and even Arduino!

Need touch color display and the popular FEZ Panda II? We have a kit for you. Want even more? The FEZ Ultimate Kit takes the Internet of things kit and combines it with FEZ Touch and FEZ Panda II for under $150!

FEZ Internet of Things Kit
FEZ Ultimate Kit
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April 15, 2011

A new kit targeted specifically for education

FEZ Education Kit is everything an instructor needs to get students excited about programming! With .NET Micro Framework, students will be programming in C# using the Visual Studio environment. The included sensors are the best way for students to feel and see the flow of a program.
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April 14, 2011

Need WiFi for your FEZ Panda? GHI has a solution for you!

GHI is now offering a WiFi Ethernet bridge that works well with FEZ Connect Shield. It can also work with other shields or other Ethernet devices, even an XBOX!
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April 5, 2011

FEZ Panda II is in stock

We would like to thank you all for the support. We filled all the FEZ Panda II pre-orders and it is in stock now.
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March 25, 2011

FEZ Panda II, FEZ Connect, FEZ Touch, Tinkerer Kit are now on pre-order

Thanks to our customers' feedback, we are glad to introduce the new FEZ Panda II, the second generation of FEZ Panda. The new FEZ adds Micro SD card connector, Real Time clock and a 40pin header with plenty of extra IOs.

GHI hasn't stopped there but also added FEZ Connect, FEZ Touch and the all-new Tinkerer Kit.

FEZ Connect: A combination of Ethernet Shield, servo header and 3-pin eblock connectors. Software developers can enjoy using the many available 3-pin eblocks without the need for any electronics background.

FEZ Touch: A 240x320 16-bit color display with touch screen.

Tinkerer kit: Large enough to fit multiple shields, even fist FEZ Touch display.
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