Jay Jay

Jay Jay

Everyday i wake up, i check Forbes lists of the World's Richest People, and when i don't see my name i go to work !!!!

About Me

Age 44
Gender Male

Crazy about new technologies, enjoy riding my Bike, and my Classic cars that includes fixing them as well ;)...
love spending time with my wife and son.

My Job

Profession Information Systems Engineer...

over 14 years in Information System Consulting, working mostly for 500 fortune companies.. designing and implementing complex enterprise applications.. (including Development).
I work at Microsoft, the best company to work for :)

My Products and Knowledge

Products Cerb40, Cerberus, Cerbuino, Hydra, Mountaineer, Panda, Spider
Hardware Average experience. I can read full schematics and solder.
Software Excellent experience. I can plan, design and program a complete application for a final product. I can implement design patterns, build small applications and perform device communication. I understand object-oriented concepts.

Links I Like

I haven't added any yet

My Activity

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