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Dont let the Blue Genie escape!

About Me

Age 46
Gender Male

I've always been interested in electronics and science but my career path took me down a different route into the creative industry.
In the last few years I have re discovered my interest in electronics and computing and have slowly been learning C# and the basics. So far Ive picked up enough knowledge to start making something useful.

My Job

Profession Broadcast and Digital Out Of Home

My Job is all about broadcast graphics. I am a solution specialist so when a customer asks us "can we do that?" its my job to say "Yep we can do that and here's how we will achieve it".

My Products and Knowledge

Products Cerb40, Cerberus, Panda II, Raptor, Spider
Hardware Average experience. I can read full schematics and solder.
Software Average experience. I understand object-oriented concepts.

Links I Like

My Activity

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