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Making it...bit by bit.

About Me

Age 44
Gender Male

Software developer, maker, Microsoft MVP.

Email me at: ian at house of lees dot net

My Job

Profession Software Architect

I'm the Chief Architect at a healthcare company.

I'm also a contributing blogger for MAKE. Got a phenomenal project that deserves some attention? Contact me and we'll make it happen.

My Products and Knowledge

Products BrainPad, Cerb40 II, Cerberus, Cerbot, Cerbuino, Cobra II, EMX, G30, G80, G120, G400, Game-O, HAT, Holey Board, Hydra, Lemur, Medusa, Mini, Mountaineer, Panda, Panda II, Panda III, Raptor, Reaper, Rhino, Spider
Hardware Good experience. I understand sensors and buses. I'm capable of extending hardware. I can read full schematics and solder.
Software Excellent experience. I can plan, design and program a complete application for a final product. I can implement design patterns, build small applications and perform device communication. I understand object-oriented concepts.

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