Live for a challenge

About Me

Age Not available
Gender Male

I've loved electronics since I was a little kid. I broke every single toy trying to understand what those little "colored things" did. They looked like little bugs!

My Job

Profession Embedded System Architect

I work at GHI Electronics mainly on hardware design and low-level drivers. If it is too complicated and no one wants to do it then it's usually pushed on to me! Another important job of mine at work is bringing in new technologies. I like investigating how we can incorporate new technologies to improve our existing products, or possibly expand upon what we already offer.

My Products and Knowledge

Products Spider
Hardware Excellent experience. I can design and layout circuits from scratch. I understand sensors and buses. I'm capable of extending hardware. I can read full schematics and solder.
Software Excellent experience. I can plan, design and program a complete application for a final product. I can implement design patterns, build small applications and perform device communication. I understand object-oriented concepts.

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