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Gender Male

Contact me at http://www.fastload-media.be/index.php?p=contact

My Job

Profession Hard- and software developer

At present, I work at dZine Kortrijk as C, C++ and C# software developer. My task consists in writing Application Programming Interfaces and device drivers for Windows CE, XP and Windows 7.

Worked at JM Fastré Electronics from 2002 to 2011 as a hard- and software engineer. My task consisted in designing new hard- and software.

The hardware part covered research, prototyping, PCB design and writing firmware. The software part mostly covered writing client/server applications in both C++ and C#.

In 2003 I founded Fastload-Media where I build specialised webapplications (in addition to my job at dZine).


Application Development: using many languages. Mostly C, C++ (Windows & Linux) and C#.

Low-level programming in Intel, ARM and Microchip assembler. Knowledge of driver development for Linux and Windows.

Hardware Development: from research to PCB design. My favorite microcontrollers are the PIC from Microchip, ARM7TDMI-S (FEZ Cobra from GHI Electronics) and the Atmel AVR.

Web Development: using PHP5 with MySQL database. Knowledge of XHTML, CSS, Java- and ActionScript 3.

My Products and Knowledge

Products Not available
Hardware Excellent experience. I can design and layout circuits from scratch. I understand sensors and buses. I'm capable of extending hardware. I can read full schematics and solder.
Software Excellent experience. I can plan, design and program a complete application for a final product. I can implement design patterns, build small applications and perform device communication. I understand object-oriented concepts.

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