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Age 39
Gender Male

I code web, desktop and embedded systems for fun and occasionally profit. ;)

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Profession Software Architect

Founded to share open-source and commercial software

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Products CANxtra, Cerb40, Cerb40 II, Cerberus, Cerbot, ChipworkX, Cobra, Cobra II, Cobra III, Domino, EMX, G80, G120, G120E, G400, Game-O, HAT, Holey Board, Hydra, Lemur, Panda, Panda II, Panda III, Raptor, Reaper, Cream, Spider, Spider II, Utility
Hardware Good experience. I understand sensors and buses. I'm capable of extending hardware. I can read full schematics and solder.
Software Excellent experience. I can plan, design and program a complete application for a final product. I can implement design patterns, build small applications and perform device communication. I understand object-oriented concepts.

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