What is an insider?

We're always evolving and coming up with new products and innovations. We want to include our active community in what's on the drawing board but this can be risky business-wise. That's why we've created the GHI Insider board. Subscribing gives you access to talks about current projects, new ideas and more. This allows us to share more with those who've contributed and signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


  1. You must have completed your profile.
  2. You must be active on the forum within the last 30 days.
  3. You do not design, manufacture or sell products that compete with GHI Electronics, LLC.
    • If you are unsure, please contact us before proceeding.
  4. You will not leak insider information.
  5. You must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon approval.
Notice: We reserve the right to deny or withdraw insider access from anyone at any time without any explanation.


Eligible ranks are listed below with how many points each rank costs. As your rank increases, the subscription fee decreases. Subscriptions last a year and do not auto-renew. You may renew a week before it expires. Changing ranks does not affect your active subscription.

Eligible ranks & cost

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Rank Title Cost
Master 4,000 points
Hero 3,500 points
King 3,000 points
Legend 2,500 points
Superhuman 2,000 points
Immortal 1,500 points
Titan 500 points