Search Tips

At the top of every page is a search box. This can be used to search different sections of the website.
The following tips apply when searching within the Forum section.

Helpful Tips

For an exact search use quotes (e.g. "hello world")
Posts by an author (e.g. user:123 or user:"User Name")
Posts in boards (e.g. inboard:123 or inboard:123,123,123)
Posts within a topic (e.g. intopic:123)
Posts of a certain type (e.g. is:topic, is:question or is:answer)

Simple Example

"hello world" inboard:1 is:topic
This returns all topics within General Discussion that match the literal phrase "hello world".

Advanced Tips

Certain symbols can be used to further filter results. These include:
  • +   A leading plus sign indicates that this word must be present in each result.
  • -   A leading minus sign indicates that this word must not be present in any result.
  • *   The asterisk serves as wildcard operator. It should be appended to the word to be affected. Words match if they begin with the word preceding the * operator.

Advanced Example

+spider cerb* is:topic
This returns all topics that contain "spider", but ranking those higher that contain "spider" and "cerb...". For example "cerb*" will match "cerberus" or "cerb40" to name a few.

Board ID Reference

15 = News
28 = TinyCLR & .NET Micro Framework
27 = File-System Hardware
38 = Embedded Linux
39 = Tech Talk
34 = Archive