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OctoDriver is a standalone wireless enabled 8 channel high power LED driver.

With G120 .NET Micro Framework SMT SoM with premium extended library

It has 8x 12A PWM enabled power mosfets for driving 12V devices

Dual auto-switching power via USB or 12V terminal block input

On board light sensor (photoresistor/LDR)

2.4 GHz RF Module with built in RFDP8 Application Protocol for use with external antenna (PCB SMA connector)
Send and receive error-free wireless data between two or more RF Pipes at a data rate of 9600-8N1
Long range, error-free with CRC checking, immune to noise.
Predefined to network mode with an easy to use LEARN button
Field tested up to 200m (NOTE: easily goes beyond that, will update upon further field testing)

Optional GND, 3.3V, 5V, 12V terminal block outputs
Optional UART, SPI (RX, TX, MISO, MOSI, SCK) inputs
Without SMA and External Antenna
Optional WIRE antenna can be soldered on for short range applications