Add Power

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Add-Power allows you to add power sources to your Gadgeteer project.

For example, connect a DP module, a Li-Pol battery and solar panel to Add-Power, then connect Add-Power to your Gadgeteer mainboard. Add power will automatically switch between the 3 available power sources to power your project. If one power source is weak, Add-Power will seamlessly switch to another to power your project.

Using Add-Power you can monitor which power sources are connected and set the priority of which source is used first and second.

Add power automatically charges your battery using the other attached power sources, and allows you to monitor the battery voltage, charge state and discharge rate.

You can use Add-Power to program your Gadgeteer mainboard when you have an SP or DP module connected to Add-Power.

Add-Power has a local on/off switch, and solder pads to wire in your own on/off switch so you can easily turn your project on and off if it is embedded in an enclosure.