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An ESP8266 based WiFi module for Gadgeteers.
Made by munderhill
Tiny GPRS module with SIMCOM's SIM800H and .NETMF driver.
Made by JSimoes
Wireless enabled 8 channel high power LED driver
Made by Darko
Acurate and versatile temperature module
$4.50 — $7.00
Made by iamin
Add-Power allows you to add power sources to your Gadgeteer project.
5" LCD Gadgeteer Connection Display
$45.00 — $165.00
MicroUSB based simple power supply for Gadgeteer boards
Simple, but very accurate temperature sensor.
Made by dominik38
Allows you to connect any type of button
$12.90 — $14.90
Made by dominik38
Hall Sensor Module
$7.50 — $9.00
Made by dominik38
Lightning detection module
Made by Architect
This module is used for powering and controling High Power LEDs.
Made by dominik38
Battery management module
Made by soldermonkey
Bluetooth SMART low energy module
Made by Justin
Converts K port into 3 U ports and 1 serial usb port.
$34.95 — $44.95
300mm x 200mm x1.6mm Gadgeteer Mounting Plate
$10.00 — $12.00
Made by Justin

Page 1 of 2 out of 30 creations.