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Storing persistent data in internalstorage flash by rene.rpv

This code is based on the code as provided here: …

Snippet   |   Apache 2.0   |   Aug. 14, 2015

FEZ Spider with touchscreen and 2 PCF8574 as adaptable I2C Keypad by RoSchmi

FEZ Spider with touchscreen as adaptable I2C Keypad In systems with I2C-Bus often keypads are used to …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Sep. 17, 2012

Ini File Settings Utility by jasdev

This project demonstrates a utility called IniSettings that will read and write an "ini" configuration …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Feb. 18, 2012

Saving Application Settings to Flash by jasdev

[01/02/2012 - Modified] I moved the "serialization" from GetSettings to the base class SaveToFlash, which …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Jan. 2, 2012

Spider Basic Storage Tests by Jimmy JoeBob Alooba

Uses RemovableMedia, USBHost and SDCard insertion & mounting events to trigger basic directory & file IO …

Snippet   |   Unlicensed   |   Dec. 1, 2011

IEnumerable DirectoryEx.GetFiles helper by Architect

This is a helper class that uses reflection to enumerate files at the given path. Microframework version …

Snippet   |   Unlicensed   |   Mar. 2, 2011

NETMF FTP Server by Skewworks

This project creates an active mode FTP server which you can use on any NETMF device with network …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Feb. 28, 2011

Extension to the new InternalFlashStorage feature by Rhino

This class allows you to save and retrieve string data in the internal flash storage. It uses a simple name …

Snippet   |   Unlicensed   |   Feb. 28, 2011

SD-card detection by WouterH

This class for FEZ-Cobra automatically mounts the SD-Card on insert and unmounts it on eject. You can use …

Snippet   |   Apache 2.0   |   Feb. 19, 2011

I2C EEPROM Program Settings Driver by RJ (Richard)

Code was written to use the Motorola 24LC256 EEPROM Chip as the I2C slave, using the Fez Panda (USBizi-100 …

Project   |   Unlicensed   |   Dec. 30, 2010

Helper classes used by PhotoFrame project by EricM

Contains several miscellaneous methods: FixPath - Changes forward slashes into back slashes in file …

Snippet   |   Unlicensed   |   Nov. 13, 2010

Read//Write from SD/uSD card by sıɹɥɔ

This is a small snippit of code that can be used to read/write to an SD card on any NETMF board.

Snippet   |   Unlicensed   |   Oct. 24, 2010

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