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The new TinyCLR using a Panda III by willgeorge

Of the order Primates I must be way down on the list. I originally posted code that had a …

Snippet   |   Apache 2.0   |   Feb. 6, 2017

SD Card on Panda-II and more by .Peter.

The project is trying to play FLAC Music on a Panda-II using an SD card and serial LCD Display on a breakout …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Aug. 14, 2014

The Great Network Shootout Part Deux by Frogmore

This is the code for the shoot out. While only the ThingSpeak code is being used, it also supports sending …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Mar. 4, 2014

RoboClaw serial driver for .netmf 4.1 legacy boards by Ahmed2

This is a driver for RoboClaw motor controller for .NetMF boards v4.1 or above it supports all GHI .NetMF …

Snippet   |   Apache 2.0   |   Feb. 21, 2014

FEZ Music Shield Driver by jasdev

This Music Driver was written for the Panda II and FEZ Music Shield. …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Sep. 24, 2013

Gray code decoder by Architect

This is the managed code version of the Gray code decoder from …

Snippet   |   Apache 2.0   |   Apr. 17, 2013

Panda II PCB Solder Reflow Oven by charlieHustle

This is code for a Panda II based pcb solder reflow oven. The original code was written for a Microchip PIC. …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Apr. 5, 2013

Modified Adafruit Motor Driver to be Pin Compatible With Panda II by idafez

In order to get a low cost pin compatible motor driver for a Panda II a SainSmart L293D Motor Drive Shield …

Snippet   |   Apache 2.0   |   Mar. 1, 2013

TLC5940 RLP 8x8 matrix driver by Savitch

This is a method for driving 8x8 led matrix using TLC5940 with 74HC595 for row select. The speed is good …

Project   |   Unlicensed   |   Mar. 19, 2012

TLC 5940 NETMF driver by SteH

Driver to access a TLC 5940 16 channel 4096 grey scale PWM LED driver sinking the current. The usage …

Snippet   |   Unlicensed   |   Jan. 11, 2012

Page 1 of 4 out of 77 entries.