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FEZ Medusa Mini and Arduino controlled via Modbus by RoSchmi

NETMF Mainboards are great to develop well structured applications for not very time critical demands. For …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Mar. 18, 2017

Master/Slave Modbus (RTU/TCP) Library for NETMF and Windows by Reinhard Ostermeier

This library allows to access Modbus RTU or TCP devices and also to implement a Modbus RTU or TCP …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Feb. 23, 2014

Modbus RTU library (device and master) for Medusa (Gadgeteering) by Reinhard Ostermeier

This is a small implementation of the Modbus RTU interface as described here: …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Feb. 8, 2014

Page 1 of 1 out of 3 entries.