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NETMF Cobra III performing Https requests using ethernet ENC28 Module by RoSchmi

Since it seems that my beloved Gadgeteer Mainboards are sentenced to death, it is time to see how my …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Oct. 30, 2016

NETMF Gadgeteer controls ALLNET ALL3075V3 switchable power socket by RoSchmi

NETMF Gadgeteer controls ALLNET ALL3075V3 switchable power socket The ALLNET ALL3075V3 is a switchable power …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Jun. 25, 2016

Network Reliability Issue by ethicalhacker

This code sample is for GHI. Others should ignore it. The associated thread is located at …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   May. 19, 2016

mBuino MQTT Client with ENC28J60 ethernet by skeller

This is just a quick test of what the mBuino can do. I set out to see if it could handle the ENC28 and …

Snippet   |   Apache 2.0   |   Aug. 22, 2015

Ethernet ENC28 and Display N18 Side by Side on Cerberus by RoSchmi

This “Proof of concept” shows the use of two SPI-Modules (Ethernet ENC28 and Display N18) on the Cerberus …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Jul. 19, 2015

Fez Hydra as tiny webserver working as a remote control over the network by mflume

After my success with Hydra and ENC28 (see: …

Snippet   |   Apache 2.0   |   Feb. 15, 2015

Fez-Hydra as Tiny-Webserver by mflume

As a new user of the .NETMF I baught a Hydra-Board and a ENC28 device. I installed the latest software …

Snippet   |   Apache 2.0   |   Feb. 14, 2015

The Great Network Shootout - Sample Projects by Duke Nukem

This is the code I'm using to test the Cerberus board against ThingSpeak and for the 'The Great …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Feb. 8, 2014

MarathonTP by jango_jas

MarathonTP (TP stands for Transport Protocol) is an easy to use communication protocol specially developed …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Jan. 16, 2014

ENC28 with Hydra by Haseeb

Code to initialize ENC28 on Hydra board. Checked on ethernet mode framework 4.2 No need to create any …

Snippet   |   Apache 2.0   |   Nov. 16, 2012

Gas Sensor Module Demo by Duke Nukem

Simple Gadgeteer Gas Sensor module demo which uploads 3 gas sensor readings, 2 temperature readings, pressure …

Project   |   Apache 2.0   |   Nov. 3, 2012

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