TinyCLR - A A3967 EasyDriver Shield Stepper Motor Driver Module Class by MNO

Apr. 17, 2017   |   Project   |   Licensed as Apache 2.0   |   853 views

This code shows an example of stepper motor control with an EasyDriver module. The EasyStepperDriver class was originally written to NetMF by Gus (thanks to him). I slightly extended it and I kept this new version on github (https://github.com/WebGE/EasyStepperDriver).
My students have been using it for two years (recently in a nuget) in their projects. This year a group realizes a ping-pong ball thrower. EasyStepperDriver will be used to orient the base of the launcher.
Changing the code from NetMF to TinyCLR was fast.
Thanks to the GHI team.

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