FEZ Medusa Mini and Arduino controlled via Modbus by RoSchmi

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NETMF Mainboards are great to develop well structured applications for not very time critical demands.
For demands, where the board has to react on high frequency input signals, in many cases it seems advisable
to delegate the high frequency bit banging to tiny mainboards which act as helpers and present their results
to the main mainboard in a preprocessed form. For the communication between the boards a trasnmission protocol is needed.
The Modbus protocol is a standard serial communication protocol, allowing a Mudbus Master to
communicate with one (RS232 Interface) or more (RS485 Interface) clients, granting data integrity through CRC secured transmission.
Reinhard Ostermeier posted libraries for a FEZ Medusa Mini Modbus Client and NETMF Modbus Master and Slave:
In this project I provide simple examples and libraries which show how Reinhard Ostermeiers libraries can be accessed from Arduino Sketches (FEZ Medusa Mini and Arduino nano) via a "Modbus Manager" library.
The Arduino nano works with 5 Volts so care must be taken, that the used modules and connected NETMF Mainboards are 5 Volts tolerant as well.
As an alternative the 3.3 V Arduino pro mini should work.
The Gadgeteering Libraries for the FEZ Medusa Mini can still be downloaded fom here:


Included in the project is a WindowsForms Application which can be used to test some functions of the Modbus Clients.
The use of the libraries from a NETMF Application should be easy.
Consult the ReadMe_Modbus_Setup.pdf to see the Setup for the Arduino Sketches.

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