RFM69 Driver for NETMF / Gadgeteer Mainboards by RoSchmi

Dec. 15, 2016   |   Project   |   Licensed as GPL 3.0   |   1368 views

The RFM69 radios are transceiver modules with low power consumption which are well-suited for applications where only low datarates are required. Typical applications are radio transmissions from sensors to e.g. IoT gateways.If sensor data are transmitted only in large time intervals, RFM69 radios can be sourced by a battery for a long time.
There are nice combinations of Arduino clone MCUs with RFM69 radios like the Moteino from https://lowpowerlab.com/ or the Adafruit Feather M0 RFM69 https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-feather-m0-radio-with-rfm69-packet-radio/overview which can be connected with a sensor to transmit sensor data wireless to a Gateway where the sensor data are displayed, stored or sent to the Cloud.
Felix Rusu of LowPowerLab.com published a reliable open source library for their Moteino RFM69 combination which uses the package mode of the RFM69 to send encrypted messages with a length of up to 61 bytes.
In this project this Arduino library was adapted to C# for NETMF / Gadgeteer Mainboards, so that NTEMF / Gadgeteer Mainboards in combination with RFM69 radios can serve as a Gateway.

I used the Adafruit RFM69 Transceiver Breakout https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-rfm69hcw-and-rfm96-rfm95-rfm98-lora-packet-padio-breakouts/rfm69-test as it is easier to handle as a bare RFM69 radio module but the bare modules should work as well. The wiring of the RFM69 Breakout is shown in the picture below. Between the GND and 3.3 V line a 100 nF capacitor was added to prevent reboots of the Gadgeteer Mainbord caused by high current peaks.
More details about the function of the driver can be seen in the text in Program.cs
The first version of this project contains a driver for Gadgeteer Mainboards (e.g. Spider II), a version for pure NETMF mainboards is in work.
In the project two arduino sketches (receiver and transmitter) for e.g. the Moteino are included to demonstrate the conversation in both directions.

Edit: In the first revision a version for NETMF (Cobra III) is added. RFM69 connected to Socket 1 (SU) of the GXP Gadgeteer Bridge, Button connected to Socket 4 (R)

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