Renewing MY commitment to NETMF AND Gadgeteer by willgeorge

Oct. 22, 2016   |   Project   |   Licensed as Apache 2.0   |   1031 views

The code posted started out as a very simple application to send commands to one servo
that moved it following a specific sequence of steps.

Then I wanted to add two more servos so I have movement up, down, left and right.
As you all know, each servo is a bit different, so this required adding more code to the program.

I also got tired of writing down every command sequence I used so the code grew a bit more.

Then I got carried away.
I’ll share it. Maybe someone can use parts or all of the code.

See Info.txt in the Zip file for more information.

Usage is the attached applications

Gadgeteer my be dead but I'm not...

I have some images but for whatever reason they will not load. Maybe the GIF's are too large?

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