NETMF / Gadgeteer sending e-mail via SparkPost by RoSchmi

Sep. 9, 2016   |   Project   |   Licensed as Apache 2.0   |   1060 views

NETMF / Gadgeteer sending e-mail via SparkPost
This application is an example how to send email with e.g. sensor data through the SparkPost Web API. The use of SparkPost is free for low volumes of e-mails.
The transmission to SparkPost only works over https.
I could not get https transmission working using the HttpWebRequest Class, if anybody was able to do this, I would be happy to see an example.
However I got it working using socket and SslStream Classes.
See the ReadMe_EmailViaSparkPost.pdf file to see how the E-mail template on SparkPost is created.

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RoSchmi 1 09/09 '16 at 01:20pm