Joystick Module X/Y to degrees (0-359) by willgeorge

Jul. 6, 2016   |   Project   |   Licensed as Apache 2.0   |   1110 views

I thought I would share some test code I came up with
to display the Joystick Module X/Y into degrees (0 to 359).

I have not been able to find any examples for netmf so I made my own.

Folder JoystickXYSD

Most of the code is for options to use and not needed.
It is included to graphicly show the joystick XY in degrees
and saving the bitmap to a SDCard file.

The application draws the degree pointer to a bitmap that
can be saved to a SDCard.

Folder JoystickXYNoSD

This is a barebones application that does not
use the SDCard to save the bitmap.

The images are gif files made from the saved bitmaps.

I am using a Raptor, T43, SDCard

Visual Studio 2013 Pro
Windows 10 Pro

.NET Micro Framework SDK 4.3 (SDK-QFE2)
GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1

Loader (TinyBooter)

Firmware (TinyCLR)

Usage is the example code

Have Fun..

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