NETMF Gadgeteer controls ALLNET ALL3075V3 switchable power socket by RoSchmi

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NETMF Gadgeteer controls ALLNET ALL3075V3 switchable power socket
The ALLNET ALL3075V3 is a switchable power socket for 220 Volts 16 A. It has an integrated webserver to be controlled via ethernet and WiFi from PC or Smartphone and to display the measured current and power consumption of the connected consumers. Additional goodies are an integrated SMTP E-mail client to send notifications and an NTP client to get the time over the internet. The power socket runs on an open source linux system and provides ssh root access.

This project shows two solutions with different http Clients to control the power socket via the REST API from NETMF Gadgeteer boards.

uses System.Net.WebRequest for the http Client: This solution provides http and https protocols and provides additional tools to debug with Fiddler. It should work with Spider and Raptor Mainboards. In the exampe the ethernetJ11D Module is used.

uses Paolo Patierno’s uCloudy.http library. It supports only http and is for the “smaller” mainboards of e.g. the Cerb, G30 and G80 families. In the example it runs on a Cerbuino Bee with Ethernet ENC 28 Module.

The example shows how to switch the power socket and to read the sensors via a REST API from NETMF Gadgeteer boards.
On a it performs same operations against the power socket and debug.prints the results.

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