Silicon Labs 7020 I2C Temperature/Humidity IC by Jason

Apr. 10, 2015   |   Project   |   Licensed as Apache 2.0   |   1763 views

I am working on an IoT device using the ESP8266 and I want to be able to capture and store in the cloud real time temperature and humidity data. The GHI module based on the SHT_11x is great but the cost of the SHT device is prohibitive and so I decided to look around to a lower cost alternative. The SI7020 is above a quarter of the cost and easy to drive using I2C. The driver took a little time to get my head around, but that was mainly due to my lack of I2C experience.

The driver works well and I hope to incorporate it in my ESP8266 IoT project really soon.

The datasheet for the device can be found here:

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Jason 1 04/10 '15 at 09:40am