F40 (ALFAT) Evaluation Kit

Part # AFEVL-FS-524


1+ $99.95

Quickly evaluate the F40 (ALFAT) System on Chip (SoC).The included F40 (ALFAT) EVAL board can host any F40 SoC based product from GHI Electronics. The F40 (ALFAT) OEM Board and the F40 (ALFAT) SDR Board are included in the Kit.

When connected to a PC, the provided software, "F40 (ALFAT) Explorer" highlights F40's file system commands; click through the commands or manually enter them. As F40's commands are all human readable, evaluating and learning F40 is extremely simple.

The kit includes:

Resource Description
Evaluation Kit Software Windows based software for the Kit; includes a Quick Start guide and a program for controlling the Kit's board (with source code).
Developers' Guide This Guide is for the ALFAT Evaluation Kit.
Getting Started

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