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F40 (ALFAT) System on Chip

Part # ALF2X-SC-512


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F40 SoC processor (previously ALFAT) offers a seamless way to access files on SD & MMC cards and also on USB memory drives. Simple commands are used on UART (serial), SPI or I2C to access files at high rates. Rates are as high as 4000K Bytes/sec on SD and as high as 4000K Bytes/sec on USB memory.

The F40 SoC also supports an SD reader mode through a USB client as a mass storage device. This is a perfect option for many applications, namely data loggers. In this mode, F40 SoC will continue to allow a product to access files using serial commands but it can optionally become an SD card reader over the USB port.
Resource Description
Developers' Guide For ALFAT 2 SoC and boards based on it.
Firmware (2.00) The latest version of ALFAT 2 SoC Firmware
Firmware Loader Application Windows based program for loading firmware to the ALFAT processor
Firmware Release Note
Interface Examples Example libraries for SPI and UART as two layers: A processor independent API that uses a processor dependent porting library (includes an example porting library)
Getting Started

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