FEZ ProtoPi

Part # PROPI-SB-461


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The FEZ ProtoPi makes prototyping with the Raspberry Pi Fast and Easy (FEZ), allowing you to make the next big thing quicker and easier! We even included multiple LEDS to indicate the voltage being supplied to the ProtoPi along with a red LED, green LED and a yellow LED.  Let's not forget the user controlled button for those who need it. The FEZ ProtoPi is compatible with the RPi 2 Model B and the RPi 3 Model B.

Please note that while the pictures show that you can add a breadboard directly to the FEZ ProtoPi, this is optional and the FEZ ProtoPi does not ship with a breadboard. Although the breadboard is not included, the prototyping area was designed to have wires soldered directly to the FEZ ProtoPi.

The FEZ ProtoPi is compatible with both Linux and Windows 10 IoT Core.  For use with Linux please see the FEZ HAT Linux example.

Note: This board has been designed as a prototyping add-on for the Raspberry Pi and does not require Linux to load any driver therefore the EEPROM has not been programmed.


Operating Temp. -20°C to +85°C
Dimensions 65 x 56 x 18.9 mm
Weight 20 g
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