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FEZ Ultimate Kit

Part # ULTMT-SK-265

A perfect option for those with zero hardware experience, this unique kit provides internet connectivity to FEZ Panda II. We also include our easy to use eblocks for simple plug-and-play capabilities, giving you access to inputs and sensor data in minutes. No hardware experience is necessary. Combine these with an internet service, to store or request data, and your possibilities are endless. Imagine automating your home or controlling your TV from your smartphone. That's why we provide the Internet of Things ebook to accelerate your creativity. It covers our devices, preparation, e-blocks, and many example projects such as sensor monitoring, HTTP server and Telnet.

The FEZ Ultimate Kit Includes:
  • FEZ Panda II
  • FEZ Touch
  • FEZ Connect Shield
  • 38Khz Infrared Receiver E- Block
  • IRLED Transmitter E- Block
  • Light Sensor E- Block
  • Thermometer E- Block
  • Piezo (Speaker) E- Block
  • Variable Resistor (POT) Horizontal E- Block
  • Button E- Block
  • LED- Green E- Block
  • LED- Red E- Block
  • LED- Yellow E- Block
  • Serial-to-USB E- Block