Product Cycle

Stage Description
In development and testing and may change before release. Products released under preview are for evaluation and planning purposes only.
In Production
Product is in full production with no plans to discontinue in the near future. Typically, products are in production for multiple years.
Not recommended for new designs. Will be discontinued in the near future. Customers using legacy products should plan on upgrading to the replacement within a year and should contact us with forecasted needs to assure availability in the future.
No longer in production. In some cases, it is possible to special order discontinued products, at a minimum quantity and setup fee.

We take our product life cycles very seriously. Our customers rely on our products availability to produce their products. We understand the sensitivity of this subject and take careful steps in discontinuing products. In most cases, a replacement is purposed long before a product is discontinued. At this time the older product is labeled as legacy. After a year or more, the legacy product is moved to discontinued.

Products stay in legacy as long as the product is manufacturable, and there is a reasonable demand. Even if a product is discontinued, it can be special ordered at minimum quantity and setup cost. As we handle engineering and manufacturing, we always try our best to assist customers, no matter if a product is in-production, moved to legacy or has been discontinued.